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A goal for the new year

As the year finishes out its a good time to access where I am with my student loans and make a goal for the next year.  I’ll take the time right now to say that I have had a number … Continue reading

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The realities of student debt

As stated in a previous post, student loan debt is nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy, and because most are insured by the federal government, the worst case scenario for most people in serious trouble is defaulting.  Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Christmas 2010

Being that Christmas is in three days I guess I should take the time to do my first holiday entry.  I think that I’ll break from the theme and just make a list of the greatest gifts that I’ve already … Continue reading

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A call from my congressman

I received a call from Congressman Peter Welch’s office today in response to an email that I sent a while back concerning my loan situation.  I appreciated the call and I’m going to remain in touch with the office but … Continue reading

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What to do with all that free time.

Being unemployed sucks. Not having a steady income and living off of government subsidies does not feel good. That being said, it does leave you with a surplus of free time and you can either use that time to finally beat super metroid on your emulator; or you can use that time to learn new skills, reinvest in old hobbies, and fill in the gaps in your interests. Continue reading

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A Quick Word on Time Management

I was reading a post from a fellow debt blogger at and he made an excellent point about time management.  Basically, he says that time budgeting was the wrong approach for him and that keeping a list of priorities … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy – What it means to students

Let me start by saying that bankruptcy is something that should never be rushed into. It has serious repercussions for your credit and the record of it stays with you for a long time. That being said, it can provide … Continue reading

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