Christmas 2010

Being that Christmas is in three days I guess I should take the time to do my first holiday entry.  I think that I’ll break from the theme and just make a list of the greatest gifts that I’ve already gotten this year.

  • My home – this was the year that my girlfriend and I got our first real grownup apartment and it has been simply wonderful.
  • My college degree – not technically a gift, especially given that his whole blog is dedicated to how much I actually paid for it, but I feel grateful to have it nonetheless.
  • Being fired from a job for the first time – how is this a gift?  well, it saved me the trouble of quitting a job that I hated and open up an opportunity to take a job that I loved, if only for a little while.  Also, huge life lesson, as much as I hated that job, I’ll never forget the things that I learned from it.
  • Becoming a chef for the first time – I was forced to step up and be the chef at the restaurant were I was working as sous-chef just as the restaurant was about to close.  It was the most important thing that I have ever done in my professional life and the single greatest learning experience of my life.
  • My family – I’m the first to admit that I don’t stay in contact with my family as well as I should, but I often reflect how much support they give me and how grateful I am to have them.
  • Erin – She continues to be the best thing in my life and I love her with all my heart.

I’d love to here from everyone about the gifts that you’ve received this year.  Take a moment to reflect on the things that matter to you and share.


About cookinablackhat

I cook. That is what I do. I go to work every day and cook professionally and then on my days off, I cook some more. I love everything about it. I love the chemistry, the alchemy and magic, and I want to know more.
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One Response to Christmas 2010

  1. This is a great post! I always love to look back on my year just before New Year’s Eve and:
    1.) be grateful and happy for everything I’ve gotten and experienced that year.
    2.) dream and plan for the new and exciting things to come in the year ahead.
    Merry Christmas, brokeforcollege! : ) And A Happy New Year! : )

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